Help APPPL Stop The Atlantic Coast Pipeline In Robeson County

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[UPDATE 1/29/19  Thanks to a generous grant from the Cloud Mountain Foundation, all new donations to this GoFundMe will now be matched dollar for dollar (up to $4000 total)! This is exciting news and the timing is perfect as our final court appearance will be March 18th and Robie’s attorney will need to spend many hours to prepare. Please donate now to double your impact and help us make the most of this money matching opportunity!]

Brothers Robie and Dwayne Goins of Robeson County are members of the Lumbee Tribe and live in Prospect, NC, a majority Native American community. Dwayne lives adjacent to a site where Atlantic Coast Pipeline, LLC has announced plans to build a gas metering and regulation station and a 350 ft. microwave tower (to control the station remotely). Prospect, already burdened with two older pipelines and associated gas infrastructure, is now slated to become the 36 inch, 1400psi Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s official southern terminus.

Robie and Dwayne have filed suit in Robeson County challenging a conditional use permit issued to the company by the county a year ago. They’re not seeking a monetary reward, but only to ensure that existing zoning laws are followed and their rights as citizens are protected. They’re also attempting to uncover the nature and extent of communications between county commissioners and pipeline company representatives before the vote was taken.

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