APPPL’s Back, Baby!

Happy New Year, friends. Lots to tell in this first post, but let’s begin with what’s most important, our New Year’s resolution…

2018 Is The Year We Will Stop The Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

And to help make this dream a reality, APPPL is upping its game with:

  • an updated website,
  • a new legal initiative (LEAF) to support legal education and action at the city and county level to halt the ACP,
  • a new fiscal sponsor (Asheville Community Roots),
  • a newly formalized board and expanded committee structure,
  • and more creative, courageous actions that give voice to those who want a safe and affordable clean energy future for our state.

APPPL is a grassroots response to the threat of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline in North Carolina.

But more than that, we’re North Carolinians who dare to dream big.  We’re committed to protecting ourselves and our communities from predatory energy companies, yes, but also to reinvigorating our democracy so that our local communities are free to choose healthy, sustainable, and life-affirming growth and development.

We look forward to getting to know you. We’re going to accomplish a lot together in 2018.

(And now a mea culpa from your website guy…)

A huge THANK YOU from APPPL to Amanda Robertson who provided our website’s original design and care in the first part of last year. Unfortunately, when Amanda had to step away from that role last summer, the site languished for many months.

During our current site overhaul we have discovered messages and contacts that went unanswered. Our deepest apologies to anyone who may have written and did not receive the courtesy of a reply. Your message fell through the cracks, but we’re taking steps now to remedy the situation.


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