June 16 Walk on Governor Cooper’s Sacred Land Between the Creeks

Sponsored by Nash Stop the Pipeline. For more information, contact Marvin Winstead <marwinstead@gmail.com>  252-478-5442 or Steven Norris <earthsun2@gmail.com>   828-777-7816.

Governor Cooper’s family comes from an area called Elm Grove in Nash County between the Little Sapony Creek and the Big Sapony Creek (the Saponi were the original indigenous inhabitants of this land: https://www.ncpedia.org/sappony-indians). In his book Between the Creeks: My Sapony Adventures,  Governor Cooper’s father, Roy A. Cooper, Jr., described how important this community and the land was for him and the people who lived there:

“First and foremost I want to thank my Elm Grove Community, neighbors, and friends, living and dead, for making my young life memorable and for instilling in me the values that have made my life meaningful. I thank God that I have been privileged to live between the creeks with family, close friends, and with nature at its finest.”

It is across this water and earth, and through this sacred land and this close-knit community, that the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will tear its way south, muddying the waters, disrupting and endangering the lives of families and neighbors, and cutting  a 150 foot wide barren strip through the natural world that Governor Cooper’s father cherished.

Since it is inconceivable that someone of Roy Cooper’s integrity and character, and who himself has expressed how wonderful growing up in Nash County was for him, it is inconceivable that he as Governor could allow this to happen.

Because we find this inconceivable we are asking Governor Cooper and his staff, and NC DEQ Secretary Regan and his staff to join us for a walk at 10 am on Saturday June 16 at the new bridge where the Little Sapony crosses Old Bailey Highway. This road is only several hundred yards from the path of the pipeline. We will walk parallel to the ACP along Old Bailey Highway. On the way we will stop for a prayer service, press conference and rally at the Deans School (now a church) where Governor Cooper’s father went to school, and then continue the walk to the bridge across the Big Sapony. The total distance is less than 3 miles, and we should finish walking shortly after noon, at which time we will return to the Deans School for an informal lunch.

Please come and bring your friends. We will have space to park cars at the beginning of the walk, and will arrange shuttles to carry you back at the end. Please bring a bag lunch. We will provide drinks. Make sure to bring water to drink, and head covering for the sun and rain gear if rain is threatening.

For more information, contact Marvin Winstead <marwinstead@gmail.com>  252-478-5442 or Steven Norris <earthsun2@gmail.com>   828-777-7816

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