Limited Tree Felling Begins In Virginia

On January 19th FERC issued a letter order granting Dominion’s request to begin limited pre-construction upland tree felling. So far there’s no news of felling in NC, but trees are dropping now in Buckingham County, VA.

Note that lacking permission to use mechanized equipment for road building and bull dozing, these actions by the company are at least as much about demoralizing the pipeline opposition as they are about getting a leg up on construction. But while the images and stories (see below) are certainly discouraging, we’re more sophisticated now about the dynamics of these struggles. Beyond the whine of the chainsaws, opposition in WV, VA, and NC continues to grow and harden. These are our homes. We’re not intimidated and we’re not going to stop until the invaders leave.

Mara Robbins has compiled some early media hits and public postings of the cutting in VA. If you know of any similar activity in NC, please contact us (


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