Pipeline To Nowhere: Economic Hazards Of The ACP



This is must reading for NC state and local leaders (looking at you, Governor Roy Cooper), not to mention the rest of us. It’s a deep dive, generously cited, by a business analyst into the ECONOMIC HAZARDS posed by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Check out the author’s three paragraph conclusion (below), then go read it yourself.

“The Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) brings unacceptable business risks for North Carolina and the surrounding region. Supply interruptions, price spikes, outages, and even deliberate price manipulation are all established consequences of reliance on natural gas.”

“Meanwhile, solar and wind are now mature technologies. They are cost-competitive without subsidies, and can power a grid 24/7. Renewable local energy creates more jobs per megawatt-hour than imported natural gas, bringing better economic growth than natural gas without additional costs.”

“The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is an economic hazard — an ineffective and outdated energy source with negative economic impacts. Local energy lets the region look forward — to growth, military-friendly energy independence, thriving businesses, and abundant, accessible, permanent jobs.”

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